MISSION:      To promote adult education in London and Middlesex

GOAL:           To discuss issues that affect adult education and to encourage joint participation by providing leadership in matters of common concern and interest through:


• acting as a clearing house for adult education information of community and professional interest
• sharing resources
• assisting members to co-operatively coordinate programs
• linking with other adult education organizations to improve meaningful communication, collaboration and advocacy at individual, regional, provincial and federal and global levels.


• identifying and prioritizing critical issues and unmet needs
• lobbying and championing issues affecting adult education
• encouraging and supporting agencies to meet these needs


• fostering lifelong learning
• providing and sharing information with agencies and the community
• raising public awareness of adult education
• supplying leadership in the field of adult education
• encouraging professional and personal development
• affecting and effecting positive changes in our community
• sharing research and encouraging networking


As a Council, we value the following:

• teamwork
• trust
• commitment to accessibility and opportunities in adult education
• dignity of all
• all learners are equally worthy of respect, mutuality, concern for and sensitivity to the needs of others
• receptivity, congeniality, hospitality, sense of humour, welcoming
• openness to learning, allowing for growth
• responsibility, action, courage, cooperation
• community focus
• open communication 

Adopted, as amended, at the October 18, 1994, meeting of the LCAE.