LCAE  Ad Hoc Committees

Advocacy Committee

  • Identifies and prioritizes critical issues and unmet needs
  • Lobbies and champions issues affecting adult education such as literacy
  • Seeks project funding as deemed necessary

Awards Committee

  • Organizes the annual Adult Learner Awards ceremony held the first week in May.
  • Solicits and selects nominees
  • Promotes the event with media with the help of the Marketing Committee
  • Plans and organizes the party following the event

Marketing Committee

  • Increases awareness of LCAE to London and Area
  • Promotes special speakers to the media
  • Photographs special events and speakers
  • Assists other committees to promote and publicize events
  • Develops and updates current website
  • Produces and updates LCAE brochure
  • Plans future marketing projects to enhance the status of LCAE and its work

Membership Committee

  • maintains and develops material related to recruitment, orientation and inventory of members
  • makes recommendations to the Executive on all matters concerning membership