LCAE Adult Learner Awards

The annual Adult Learner Awards event was initiated in 1990 to honour the work of Mary Gee, long-time Executive Secretary of the LCAE and to celebrate the endeavours of learners in our member's organizations.

Awards Program 2019

Safaa Shakfa Speech

Safaa Shakfa - London Council for Adult Education Award 2019

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Awards Program 2018

Erin Anderson Speech

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Awards Program 2017

The Londoner article 2017

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Dennie Doyle LCAE acceptance Speech 2016

Awards Program 2016

The Londoner article 2016

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Western News 2015 Awards Article

Londoner 2015 Awards Article

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To recognize and acknowledge the efforts and contributions of learners for the enhancement of their lives through adult and continuing education.

The award will be available to ANY agency that is a member of the L.C.A.E. which offers adult and continuing education/training courses to the public.

1. The nominee must be over 18 years of age and currently in a program recognized by  L.C.A.E
2. There will be one or two nominees from each agency recognized by the L.C.A.E in accordance with the membership guidelines, i.e. larger institutions may nominate two candidates.
3. Each nominee must agree to the nomination and be willing to participate in any resulting publicity.
4. The nominee must demonstrate how the education/training process relates to his/her experiences as a lifelong learner.
5.  Academic achievement is not necessarily the important factor in selecting a nominee.

At the awards ceremony, the representative of the nominating agency will be asked to briefly review the candidate’s history, touching on important milestones in a positive manner.  This is the time to congratulate success and achievement!  The representative is advised to consult with the nominee about revealing personal information.